brokefairiewing (brokefairiewing) wrote,

Can you imagine how they felt? I can!

A little girl is having a great day at school. She has gym and music in the same day so she's happy. She gets to help the principal deliver notices to classrooms and it just so happens her older sister is in one of those classes. Her sister waves and the little girl smiles. After lunch she is in her reading group and over the loudspeaker the office is calling her for dismissal. So she is getting nervous because she doesnt remember her mom saying anything about it. She is reassured when she sees her mom waiting there. Then she sees that her older sister is being dismissed. Getting into the car the two girls look at each other with concerning glances. Their mom wasn't acting normal. The girls just shrug it off and begin to tickle each other and talk about school. After about 15 minutes of driving they arive at a strange house and are told to get out and leave their stuff in the car. The two girls are now becoming a little scared. They enter the house and they see their cousin Barbie, they then feel a little releived. Barbies mother comes from the kitchen and tells the three little ones to get in the back room. SO the three girls go in there and the two girls call for their mom. She comes to the door and yells not to leave the room... to sit and behave. The only things in the room were a dirty mattress on the floor, a ripped baby blacnket, and two broken dolls.There was no light except for the fading daylight through the window. The girls just curled in to a ball on the mattress and tried to fall asleep. Hours past and the little ones haven't seen the adults. They were starting to get hungry. So the two sisters decide they will go ask for some dinner. They walk down the hall and it becomes filled with more and more smoke as they walk close. They enter the room they assume is the kitchen and see the adults at the table with all sorts of wierd objects. They notice the adults look sleepy and are not normal. They go over to their mother and ask for some food because they are hungry. Their mom gets up and smacks them in the face and tell them she said not to leave the room. The girls whimper and keep trying to tell her they are hungry. She eventually goes to the cabinet and gets a can of spagetti-os. She whips the can down the hallway. The adults just start laughing and the girls mother tell them to go back to the room and eat those if they are so hungry. So the two sisters walk back to the room hand clenched in hand. They tell the cousin they couldnt have anything. The three girls then clench hands and lay on the mattress together. They let out little crys and sobs, but they don't want to be too loud in fear of disturbing the adults. The girls then go to sleep cold and hungry in a strange place.
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